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Our services can be customized for the individual, group, team or organization. Our hybrid approach benefits not only student-athletes but also serves as a resource to coaches, parents, and teachers alike. Additionally, we specialize in private consulting, keynote addresses, motivational speeches, presentations, workshops and interactive group seminars.

We cover a variety of topics that include:

Diversity & Multiculturalism

  • Affinity Based Mentoring Groups
  • Marginalization of Students of Color Within Independent Schools
  • The Effects of Microaggressions
  • Public and Private School Partnerships

Student-Athlete Advocacy

  • Strategies For Academic Achievement
  • Building Life Skills For Student-Athletes
  • Goal Planning: Short Term vs. Long Term
  • Understanding The New NCAA Academic Requirements
  • College Decision Making
  • Marketing Yourself To Colleges
  • Transitioning Yourself Into A Successful College Student-Athlete
  • The Probability Of Going Pro
  • How Coaches & Athletic Departments Can Encourage Academic Achievement For Their Student-Athletes
  • What Parents Need To Know About The Recruiting Process

Community-Police Relations

In light of the unfortunate disconnect between citizens and the police, David Watts Consulting will soon offer engaging workshops on community-police relations. The purpose of our programming is to educate and support citizens on how to foster peaceful law enforcement encounters. This interactive workshop will be led by a diverse group of former police officers (including myself) who bring a breadth of experience and perspective. Workshop attendees will learn invaluable information such as:

  • Public safety tips and conflict resolution strategies for citizens.
  • Basic rights a citizen should know when it comes to a law enforcement encounter.
  • Exploring how biases and fear of both citizens and police officers can escalate an encounter between both parties.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of a law enforcement encounter.
  • How to navigate a peaceful police interaction.

Workshop Examples

For your reference, below is a list of workshops that I have presented in the past. Please click on the specific link to see a full view of the workshop descriptions:

Got Support! Affinity Based Mentoring Groups 101 (How To Create, Implement, And Sustain)
Affinity based mentoring groups are often perceived as being divisive and exclusive. This workshop helps to articulate the purpose of affinity groups and how they can be created, implemented and sustained to enhance cross-cultural communication of students within independent schools.

Microaggressions and Effects On Everyday School Life
This workshop gives an overview of microaggressions and there impact on the everyday life within a school community. The workshop explores the 9 different categories of microaggressions and the harmful impact it has on its intended or unintended target(s). There will also be suggestions/role play on how to address microaggressions in the classroom and in other social settings.

The Marginalization of the African-American Male Student-Athlete within Independent Schools
Life for African-American male student-athletes in independent schools presents both opportunities and challenges. Many thrive and are an integral part of a variety of sports teams. However, some are seen as less qualified and primarily on campus to improve the school’s athletic program. These young men feel marginalized because a disproportionate percentage of them participate in sports. Some of the marginalized feelings can be self-induced simply because they are part of an underrepresented group, but in many cases it’s due to preconceived misconceptions, minimal awareness, and a lack of communication about this issue. Learn how to effectively discuss this issue and develop strategies to help these student-athletes achieve confidence and success.

Bridging the Gap/Finding Common Ground: How To Create Meaningful Partnerships Between Public & Private Schools
This workshop is designed to create meaningful partnerships between students who attend public and private schools. Often times, students who attend public or private schools feel their worlds are vastly different from each other. However, these students have more in common than they would ever know. Through team building exercises, pair share and open communication circles, participants gain insight on how to effectively communicate across differences. This workshop provides a step-by-step instruction on how to design a program to best fit the needs of a school and its students.

5 Essential Strategies To Help Student-Athletes Achieve Greater Academic Performance
This workshop unveils five essential strategies focused on helping student-athletes achieve greater academic performance. With a proactive approach, these strategies aim to help student athletes focus on time management, guaranteed to improve your academic success in the classroom.

Organization & Time Management Skill Building
Organization and time management are two of the most necessary skills needed for student-athletes. With the high demands of both school and athletic commitments, it is very easy for student-athletes to fall behind due to lack of preparation. This workshop helps student-athletes prioritize their time by planning out there schedule and organizing their priorities.

College Decision Making 101 For Student-Athletes
The college decision making process can be a stressful experience for many student-athletes. In hindsight many young college bound athletes end up selecting a college based on misinformation. This workshop explores the most important key factors that recruits should be considering when choosing a college.

6-Steps to Becoming a Successful Student-Athlete In College
Getting into college can be a difficult experience but being successful when you’re actually there can be even tougher. Being away from home for the first time and managing a rigorous collegiate academic and athletic load are experiences that many young student-athletes have a hard time adjusting to. This workshop provides detailed suggestions on how student-athletes athletes should game plan the process so it caters to their specific schedules and needs.

How to Market Yourself As A College-Bound Student-Athlete
The recruiting process for student-athletes has become more complicated than it’s ever been in recent times. To achieve optimum success, student-athletes must begin to market themselves to colleges and universities they hope to attend. This workshop is designed to teach you how to develop a recruiting marketing timeline with recommended tasks to implement.

Perception vs. Reality: What Are Your Chances of Becoming a Professional Athlete?
The odds of becoming a professional athlete are incredibly high but yet many student-athletes invests all of their hopes and dreams in accomplishing this feat. There are many reasons why this phenomenon occurs but the fact remains is that we must take a hard honest look at the likely chances of becoming a professional athlete. This workshop explores the probability of becoming a professional athlete and offers young student-athletes suggestions on how they can develop passionate back-up plans once their playing days come to an end.

Community-Police Relations 101
Our interactive and engaging workshops can be customized for any group or audience such as schools/colleges, churches, civic organizations and community/outreach groups. Our main objective is to provide a real and unbiased perspective on what it takes for both the citizen and law enforcement personnel to have peaceful encounters.